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Oh, honey, how sweet it wasn’t!

Oh, honey, how sweet it wasn’t!


If my long career has taught me anything, it’s to always hope for the best but prepare for anything! Real estate transactions are highly complex with many steps along the way towards closing. I have learned to remain “heads-up” and ready with multiple solutions to any potential problem. Quite recently I was reminded the delicate nature of a deal.

The sale of this Coral Gables residence under a canopy of century-old Live Oaks was all the buzz from the very beginning. We just didn’t expect how much of a buzz the buyers were getting themselves into at the time. It so happens that during inspections a large colony of bees was discovered within the roof soffit and a section of the wall of this split plan 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home. These uninvited guests were also noted on the buyer’s lender’s appraisal. All was going Pooh Bear sweet until the lender decided to hold back from closing pending the removal of the bees and their home within a home.

We had one week from closing to remediate this situation; and boy did we remedy! My team and I sprang into action making sure every “t” was crossed, every “i” dotted and every honey comb removed to ensure closing on time. Because my team and I have decades of experience wrapped into one cohesive waggle dance, we knew what to do and who to call to turn this nearly impossible situation into a successful on time closing!

Do not underestimate the value of a seasoned professional with years of navigating the unexpected! Reach out to discuss your smooth road to real estate goals.

I have been selling real estate in our area since 1993 and have been a resident of Miami-Dade since 1969. I am consistently in the Top ½ of 1% of all agents nationwide based on total sales volume. Let my expertise work for you. Contact me for a private meeting and I will take care of the rest. The best way of reaching me is at (305) 444-7224 or you may email me at




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